Green and Blue - Author's Note

Over the years I've written a lot of songs. This collection spans the period from 1978 to the present. It includes songs that express both my joy and concern about the planet we live on. My work with wildlife film making for the past 30 years has enabled me to experience close-up and hands on, the wonder and beauty of daily life in the cycles of nature. Songs like Sweet Blossom and Bluebells are odes of joy with an ephemeral twist.

My work with nature has also allowed me to observe the changes over the last three decades, which have been especially dramatic the last ten years. Golden Eggs, Spring Green and Rain Again, point out the fragility of it all while Alaska and Here On Earth, plead for the changes we desperately need to make this a sustainable place to inhabit. Climate change, massive oil spills in sensitive eco-systems, habitat destruction, unsustainable factory farming and depletion of natural resources, are more enormous problems than any age has had to face until now. We need to get serious and quit nibbling at the edges.

Here on earth
We got to make it right
We got to stop the war
We got to start the fight
Here on earth
Where there isn't time to wait
For the ground to quake
And the tide to bate

© 2010 Silver Quill Music BMI
Boz Metzdorf