Boz Metzdorf's Birds Eye View Productions

Ordering/Pricing Information

Audio CD Prices
Back In Tin Pan Alley $14.00
Freeland - Almost Home $14.00
Green and Blue $14.00
Signs of Seasons $14.00
Endangered Species $14.00
Shades of Blue $14.00
When the Sun Comes Up $14.00
DVD Prices
Backyard Blues $24.95 Available Online Now
Birds that Nest in Boxes $24.95 Available Online Now
Common Birds of Your Backyard $24.95 Available Online Now
Return of the Wood Duck 29.95 Available Online Now

Additional methods of payment are by phone at 715-248-7459 or email confirmation.
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We will accept purchase orders from schools and libraries, please call 715-248-7459 for details. do not need to have a PayPal Account to proceed with ordering with a credit card through Paypal.